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Search Optimisation

It's a mouthful right? 

Plain and simple, good S.E.O makes you more easily found when a potential customer is searching for you online.

How often have you skipped the ads and gone straight for number 1 on organic search results?


Research has shown more often than not when a potential consumer searches for your business they’re going to skip the ads and go straight to the Websites in your industry that show up. 

S.E.O is the best way to generate organic sales leads for any service-based business. It shows trust. If google ranks it higher it must be good right? 

Let us help you get noticed. 



Get Noticed 

Get relevant traffic  

With the right keywords and SEO strategy, we can help you get the right customers and not just erroneous clicks. Customers who're interested in you and your business and want to connect.

SEO is cost efficient 

Ranking high organically saves you money, It means people can find you easier and are more likely to interact with your business. It's an ongoing task which requires frequent reviews.  

The tech part is an advanced data mark up that tells search engines  information on what your content is about. Sarah Kate websites are incorporated with Schema's markup, helping search engines to pull information like product names or prices, and incorporate that info directly into the Search Result Page

All the technical backend stuff that you really don't want to think about. Having Google analytics, search console, google webmaster, image optimisation, mobile optimisation. We could go on, but it's easier if we just do it for you. 

Google Analytics & Search Console 

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